Ode to Summer

With Labor Day long behind us and now the equinox, I thought I’d drag out the  Memorial Day fireworks photos and post them finally.  And now I’m going to go make a hot dog.

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Bowersock Power Station

When I was a kid I spent probably 90% of my time in the ditch next door to our house building dams out of mud and bricks.  It’s what I’d be doing right now if the city hadn’t buried a pipe in place of our creek.  So when I got a call this summer about taking photos of the new hydro-electric power plant in Lawrence, I said “Yeah, I’d love to”.  Just like that.  Very restrained and adult like.  Built by Kissick, architecture by Sabatini.

Bowersock Power Plant
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2013 Tour de Brew

Photos from this year’s ride.  I’d made a little rain-coat for my camera out of a plastic bag and packing tape in preparation for what most predictors said would be a morning-long monsoon – but didn’t need it after all.  Turned out to be not so bad as forecasted.  The 60 milers got a good soaking, but by 9 o’clock when the 30 milers rolled out the rain had mostly passed.  The day ended up sunny and gorgeous.

Try to be kind when you’re looking through these and see shaky or out of focus shots – I’m primarily a photographer of architecture; not used to subjects that move around like bikers do.

2013 Tour de Brew
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I Miss the Snow

We may have a record breaking warm day today (into the 80’s!) but I for one am nostalgic for the blizzards we enjoyed not even three weeks ago.  Some photos in case you’ve forgotten:

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I’m slow to get these posted, but these are of this year’s Groundhog Run In Kansas City.  Joan broke her ankle in a run only three months ago, but came back to place 17th of 47 in her age group!  Hoo YAH!

2013 Groundhog Run
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Just like in all the best sit-coms, Scott Branton and I got stuck in an elevator today!  Hijinks ensued!  AND zany antics!  We hung out <snort!> about five feet below the 5th floor for about an hour while a crack elevator repair squad rushed to our rescue!  I got a garbled follow-up call from the property manager who (I think) said something about being glad the malfunction wasn’t caused the building being on fire.  WHAT?!

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Where’s Ronald?

This poor place has seen happier meals.  And my iSnapshots don’t fully illustrate the state of dilapidation at the McDonald’s over the Will Rogers Turnpike.  OK, that may be a little harsh, but McDinginess, certainly, has gripped the coolest thing between Kansas City and Dallas.  No hot water.  No heat.  No orange juice!  OK after 20 minutes they found some orange juice…

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Coffee Sign

I was pulling into a drive-though espresso place where there are two ways you can go: left or right.  Two or three cars were already in line on the right side, so I went left.  It wasn’t until I was practically on top of it that I notice a sign laying flat in the driveway, “PLEASE USE OTHER LANE”.  So I back up – or try to.  There is already another car behind me now, so I decide to drive on through – the sign is flat so I figure even a Civic can clear it.  I drive aound to the filling station next door to get my friggin coffee but noticed a scrape-y, drag-y sound under the car as I rounded the corner.  I look under the car and see nothing.  I get my coffee and head out onto the highway where after a couple miles the drag-y sound gets loud. I pull over onto the shoulder and wait a half-a-minute while a thousand cars blast by and then get out to take a look.  Apparently the combination of highway wind speeds and heat from my exhaust pipe softened up the sign enough it could reach pavement.  Half of what started out as a sandwich sign (pictured below) had wedged it’s way tight between the floor of the car and the exhaust pipe when I drove over it.  I pull the melty, drag-y, wedge-y sign out – a pretty major yank for a skinny old man laying in gravel – and drive it home in the trunk.  Maybe I’ll give it back to them, maybe I’ll recycle the damned thing.



These were taken by Shannon Monahan in and around his place in Long Beach, NY after hurricane Sandy.  You might remember I posted photos from his close call with Irene in August last year – water levels rose a little higher this time…

In Shannon’s words, “If anything good comes of this it should be that we fully understand and not forget that we have way too much shit and that we live better than the vast majority of the people in the world no matter how much we feel aggrieved by not having $250 Nikes and the latest I Pad.”

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