Highland Place Apartments

I’m way behind again in updating the blog, so advance apologies to the loyal subscribers who are about to be buried in a sudden deluge.  Of COOL stuff!

These are a just a few of the interior photos done for Helix of their work at Highland Place apartments in the 18th + Vine neighborhood.  Their restoration of existing houses and apartment building won a 2013 Capstone Award.

Highland Place Apartments
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2013 Tour de Brew

Photos from this year’s ride.  I’d made a little rain-coat for my camera out of a plastic bag and packing tape in preparation for what most predictors said would be a morning-long monsoon – but didn’t need it after all.  Turned out to be not so bad as forecasted.  The 60 milers got a good soaking, but by 9 o’clock when the 30 milers rolled out the rain had mostly passed.  The day ended up sunny and gorgeous.

Try to be kind when you’re looking through these and see shaky or out of focus shots – I’m primarily a photographer of architecture; not used to subjects that move around like bikers do.

2013 Tour de Brew
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I Miss the Snow

We may have a record breaking warm day today (into the 80’s!) but I for one am nostalgic for the blizzards we enjoyed not even three weeks ago.  Some photos in case you’ve forgotten:

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I’m slow to get these posted, but these are of this year’s Groundhog Run In Kansas City.  Joan broke her ankle in a run only three months ago, but came back to place 17th of 47 in her age group!  Hoo YAH!

2013 Groundhog Run
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Animal Art

If you have to get sick, S. U. Rodgers Health Center is the place to go.  These photos are primarily of the gorgeous graphics and signage at the center by Willoughby Design.  For more photos of the building look HERE.

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
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Just like in all the best sit-coms, Scott Branton and I got stuck in an elevator today!  Hijinks ensued!  AND zany antics!  We hung out <snort!> about five feet below the 5th floor for about an hour while a crack elevator repair squad rushed to our rescue!  I got a garbled follow-up call from the property manager who (I think) said something about being glad the malfunction wasn’t caused the building being on fire.  WHAT?!

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You gotta look really close, but if you squint a little you can see one of these trees is not like the others:

Douglas Fir