Gerald Ford is Watching You.

And he can see for miles and miles and miles and miles…  Apologies to both George Orwell and the Who.  And to Gerald Ford for that matter…  These are phone snapshots from our road-trip over the 4th to Mackinac Island, MI.  And that’s “Mack in Awe” to those of us from the Lesser-Lakes States.
Mackinac Island, MI
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Medieval Kansas

I had no idea Kansans during the Middle Ages built their castles of steel-plate instead of stone.  The fact that this one has survived the centuries in such excellent condition is testament to those early peoples’ advanced engineering skills.  Though I find it hard to believe they painted it white like this in the Dark Ages.  And was there a dungeon?  or a moat?  I don’t know.  There was not a single tour guide to be found – or information plaque, even.  Go see it in Manhattan.

Manhattan High School

Not Open Yet

The sign out front said “Open in March”, and maybe it actually is – on weekends or something.  I don’t know.  I was tempted to stretch out on that bench and wait.  Kris & Kates is in St. Joseph.

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I Miss the Snow

We may have a record breaking warm day today (into the 80’s!) but I for one am nostalgic for the blizzards we enjoyed not even three weeks ago.  Some photos in case you’ve forgotten:

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Midland Theater, Kansas City

I’m way behind with photos that are ahead of this one in line – but I couldn’t wait to edit it.  Now I’ll stop fooling around.

St. Peter’s, Jefferson City

I stumbled into Saint Peter’s while wandering around being a tourist one day after lunch.  Some of the most beautiful architecture happens in churches…

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New Chandelier

As part of the renovation of the Kansas Statehouse, a new chandelier is being installed to replace the original which was removed from the dome in the 1950’s – I believe, though I could be wildly mistaken.  These are photos of the new fixture’s assembly and being lifted into place.  Treanor Architects is leading the renovation work.

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