Rez West

Church of the Resurrection is spreading across Kansas City like a plague of locusts.  OK, bad metaphor.  I mean like the exact opposite of a plague of locusts. Like a plague of wonderful things!  The newest location is Rez West in Olathe, KS; designed by Helix.  (It should be noted: my wife is a member of Rez Downtown, and she did not approve this message.)

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Jayhawk Tower Church

I don’t know what this is – protestant, I’m guessing. Saw it on the road last week in Topeka.

Immaculate Conception Church Renovation

These photos are of the beautiful new renovation and elevator addition to the Immaculate Conception Church in Leavenworth, KS – by SFS Architecture.  And I have to confess straight away: it’s a real struggle for me not to make any renovation/born-again observations in this post, but I will resist.

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Exene Cervenka Lives Near Jeff City, So Why Not?

OK, so it’s probably not the Jesus lives at 720 E High Street.  I didn’t knock to see for sure – it was late.