Ride 2 Boulevardia

Photos from this year’s edition of the ride to fight cancer:

2016 Ride to Boulevardia

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KC Century

These are photos from last weekend’s 2nd-annual KC Century.  Lots of fun for a great cause.


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2013 Tour de Brew

Photos from this year’s ride.  I’d made a little rain-coat for my camera out of a plastic bag and packing tape in preparation for what most predictors said would be a morning-long monsoon – but didn’t need it after all.  Turned out to be not so bad as forecasted.  The 60 milers got a good soaking, but by 9 o’clock when the 30 milers rolled out the rain had mostly passed.  The day ended up sunny and gorgeous.

Try to be kind when you’re looking through these and see shaky or out of focus shots – I’m primarily a photographer of architecture; not used to subjects that move around like bikers do.

2013 Tour de Brew
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This Photo Leaves a lot Unanswered

First of all, who are these guys?  Why are they eating bomb-pops in a cornfield? wearing lycra?  If they’re bikers, where are their bikes?  Even if there is some plausible explanation for how they came across two bomb-pops in a cornfield, how is it possible they weren’t already melted?

All I know is, the good looking guy is Matt “the rocket” Mellor; the photo and bomb-pops were courtesy of “Racin'” Mason Hanson.

2012 Tour de Brew

These are only about a quarter of the hundreds of photos I took at the second annual Tour de Brew in Kansas City.  Laurie Chipman will soon have them all in hand and might be persuaded to post every one someplace they can be seen.  And  please, as you’re squinting at some blurry image you suspect is probably you, go easy on your pinhead photographer – he normally does architecture which doesn’t move around nearly so much as a thousand bikers do.

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Pop Quiz!

Hey kids!  Take a look at the photo below and tell me: How many more miles of cycling enjoyment are left in this tire?  Is it, a) Lots and lots!  Or b) Not so many. (hint: it’s a little out of focus, but those white patches are the fabric casing showing through holes in the rubber)

If you answered “b”, you are correct!

2012 Tour de Brew

Laurie Chipman is licking stamps (figuratively speaking, of course – she knows perfectly well they’re peel-and-stick) and mailing out announcements for the coolest ride in the city.  Mark your calendars and begin visualizing nicer weather!

I’ve been invited back to take photos again this year, though I’m really torn – wanting to ride..  Maybe I can find a good, corrosive-sweat-resistant underwater camera case…