Clown Shoes

A sober reminder that all is not laughs and antics in the clown world.  The shoes were on a side-walk in Lisbon.  The clown?  Unknown.

Discarded Clown Shoes

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Homage to Seurat

I took this while waiting to pick up my kid at the airport, using a prehistoric iPhone 4 in very little light and stretched out to full “telephoto”.  Go HERE to see more.




A monograph on the work of David Chipperfield Architects was just published by El Croquis, and includes a couple of my photos of the East Building addition to the St. Louis Art Museum – get your copy HERE.

I don’t how I forgot to post the photos from that shoot, but here they are finally. Sometimes it takes a wake-up nudge from Spain…

Saint Louis Art Museum East Building Maquetación 1
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Right Here

My “wretched” series of photos is growing at a glacial pace; my apologies for keeping you in the blog-o-spere on the edge of your collective seats for so many months! Hope you agree the wait was worthwhile:

Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site

Mid-America Arts Alliance

These are the newly renovated MAAA offices in the heart of Kansas City’s famous Crossroads district.  Beautiful design work by Sabatini Architects, expert construction by Centric Projects.

Mid-America Arts Alliance
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Upset About the Creative Cloud

Hitler would have been outraged, and who could blame him?  Watch THIS if you don’t mind harsh language – and Hitler parodies, for that matter…


I’ve recently joined Cargo Collective, a sort of an on-line artists’ community.  There is so much gorgeous work to see on their site, you might want to grab a fresh cup of coffee before you take a look…  My page and this photo (among others) is HERE.