Zoo and Italy Photos

Photos from my Zoo and Italy series can be seen at Strenuus offices in Overland Park, KS starting Wednesday this week.  These are B+W prints from 2005 and 2000, respectively and are amongst the last of the photos I’ll ever do from film developed in my basement – though they’re all scanned and printed digitally.  Only thing I miss from the film days is the smell of fixer.


Any dope with a fancy camera can make a building look good, but…

This poor homely thing required the talents of an exceptional photographer.  AND SERIOUSLY now, my good friend Audrey needed some photos for a web site she’s putting together, so I had to figure out how to photograph humans in a hurry.  Check out her Shoe Daily blog!

North Missouri Landscape

Dumb TotemI was driving to Maryville several weeks ago and my mind began to wander looking at the radio and cellular towers along the highway.  This sketch is of an idea that occurred to me for a temporary installation sculpture. The “towers” would be made of 2×2 lumber, painted black, white and “international orange” and set up on an open hillside somewhere.  I’m calling it “Dumb Totem”  – the idea being that these things on the landscape may communicate with each other or with our radios, but as a visual presence, they don’t say much to our eyes.  Now discuss amongst yourselves.

Only One of Many Treasures

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, but this gem is so worth the wait!  Look closely at this photo of our neighbor’s house and you’ll see it there in the gutter…  It’s an ice tray!


Just a note of thanks to everybody who came out on such a dreary night to the “Junkyard” reception last Friday, and to every one of the wonderful people at ArtsKC who put together such a terrific event!  And, if you haven’t already, go read the wonderful review in Review magazine by Steve Brisendine  – who is arguably the finest arts writer in the city.

But wait, there’s MORE!

The staff here at AD Photo is crossing it’s collective fingers in hopes the horn-playing seal debacle doesn’t derail a what should, regardless, be perfectly nice evening tonight at the ArtsKC opening.  Towards that end, six additional photos will accompany the Junk yard series photos – three each from my Airshow and Backsides series, including these:

Graffiti Research Lab

OK, I hope these guys don’t mind me pimping their site, but I love the work they do and until I can find time to make my own “throwies” (those are throwies in the photo) I’ll just send their link to everyone I can…