The Most Gorgeous Craftsmanship

You could surf the web every minute of the rest of your life and you might still never run across these beautiful handcrafted bicycle frames – so I’ve added a link here under “bikes”.  It pains me to know there are people in the world who have never heard of Columbine Cycle Works.

From the archives…

photo: "Food, 3-01"

I had some time to dig through old photos over the holidays, and found these.  They were taken in Lawrence, Kansas at a brand new grocery store.  I can’t believe I was the only one there with a camera.

Accidental Photojournalism

Belfast, Northern Ireland
On December 30th, the NY Times ran a collection of reader’s photos of the past decade  which you can still see here.  This one from our travels in the UK/Ireland appears on May 15th, 2002 of their timeline.