A Break from Travel Photography


I can’t put this series to bed.  Like looking for sea shells, it triggers an obsessive-compulsive response.  See the rest of the “Painted” series HERE.

Tangier, Day 1

Our first ever visit to the African continent.  And while Tangier is barely scratching the surface of Africa, a lot of cultures meet here at the jumping-off point to Europe.  There’s a bunch of these so you might want to freshen your coffee…

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Tarifa, Spain

On the southern coast of Spain.  These photos are actually from two different days — there was a 24 hour stretch in the middle when we were in Morocco.  Insert those hours shortly after drinking the beers in Bossa…  In the second to the last photo, the one with the big fish, you see water and then land in the distance — that’s the Straight of Gibraltar and Africa on the other side.

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Holy Toledo!

OK, all apologies for the cheesy title…

I am attempting to make up for lost time and am going way back to 2015 to our trip to Spain.  This wasn’t our first stop, but it was the first non-dreary gray light we saw.

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This is Only a Test…


OK, I’m a little behind with blog posts – I should have posted this one a couple weeks ago.

ACTUALLY what I’m doing is updating the whole blog design thing, trying an image on for size…  With any luck I’ll get the whole blog thing going again with new life.

Stay tuned.

Ride 2 Boulevardia

Photos from this year’s edition of the ride to fight cancer:

2016 Ride to Boulevardia

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Biennale Update

The list of 19 Collateral Events at the Biennale Architecture 2016 was announced yesterday, you’ll find Time Space Existence listed on page 4.

And an update:  My photos have been shipped off; Giulia with the GAA Foundation tells me they are released from Italian Customs and have arrived successfully in Venice.  And just so you know not a single detail of the adventure will be go unreported:  I have decided on a paint color for the wall they will hang on:  RAL 7005 “Mouse Grey”.