Reeves Wiedeman Company

These are of Helix Architecture‘s recent renovation of a handsome old terracotta-faced building in midtown KC, the new home of Reeves Wiedeman Company, wholesale plumbing suppliers.  A copper wrapped, skylighted atrium in the center of the building connects the grade-level service floor to offices above.

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Photoshop HELL!

Two photos needing radical surgery in the SAME WEEK!  In the first, I had to replace 53 burned-out light bulbs; and mind you, that’s not just bulbs but “glowy” wall behind and reflections!  Look in the small arched windows…

In the next…
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Rec Center

These photos are of the almost new Rec Center for Maryville Parks and Recreation, in Maryville, MO.  I got the exteriors this weekend during the couple hours the sun was out, but the others are from two years ago when the place was brand new.  SFS Architecture designed the whole project, inside and out….

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On the Road…

To my eye, these are among the most beautiful proportions you will ever find in architecture – and at the risk of sounding like a cranky old geaser, the new metal buildings that these old barns are being replaced with really are ugly in comparison. And don’t get me started about KIDS these days…

This building is about midway between KC and Columbia on I-70.

Translucent Panels

I got to take a look inside the new Livestrong Sporting Park soccer stadium in KC, KS, taking photos for Duo-Gard of panels they’re providing for the front edge of the roof canopy.  This is going to be a cool place!

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Not a Jellyfish

I’m almost sure jellyfish don’t get this big. I think it’s a water tower.

Thompson Center

Photos of the new interiors at Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Columbia, MO – by SFS Architects.
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