A Reckless Tangent

This has nothing to do with anything, but an obtuse message from The Universe was delivered to me by way of a Strava map. Because it’s apparently meaningless, there must be some mystical import that I am unable to decipher. If I figure it out, you’ll certainly see an update.

O2 World Arena

OK feeling a little reflective of times pre-COVID. This was the first ever commission I completed after throwing open the doors of Aaron Dougherty Photography in 2009: O2 World Arena, Berlin–or as it’s known now, Mercedes-Benz Arena. Added it to the web-site, you can see a few other views HERE.

STEAM Classrooms

It’s a little ironic that my last photo shoot before the Coronavirus pandemic was of school kids in STEAM classrooms. We finished the last of these about a month ago.

The classrooms are at Gordon Parks Elementary, KC, MO; Rockhurst High, KC, MO; KU School of Education, Lawrence, KS; STEAM Studio, KC, MO; and Sunflower Elementary in Lawrence. Cool furnishings are by NorvaNivel, architecture is by GouldEvans.

STEAM Studio

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I’ve been teaching myself to do video. Up until now it’s had only to do with architecture: “Architectural video’. I’m close to having something to show of those efforts, but the coronavirus thing has got that derailed temporarily. While we’re living out the 30 day Stay-at-Home order here in Kansas City, I thought I’d document the experience. I wish everybody strength and patience, and offer this goofy series as a distraction:

Ride 2 Boulevardia 2018

Unbelievably, I had this post all queued up and ready to go, but apparently never hit GO! Or some odd glitch derailed it–I have had a strange notice about something still waiting in my shopping cart for a long while. I ignored it, of course.

SO. Years later:

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Dog Days

In honor of the dwindling days of summer, I’ve pulled out some photos of aquatic centers–‘swimming pools’ for those of us from the 1900’s.  These are in O’Fallon and Oak Grove, MO, respectively.  Both are designed by SFS Architecture.

Alligator Creek Aquatic Center
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2019 Ride MS


I’ve been posting my yearly appeal for MS donations as though it were a recurring nightmare, a giant Band-Aid to be torn off fast to minimize pain.

This year I’ve decided to change my approach altogether and go positive!  Hence the bunny.  I feel very grateful and happy and blessed every summer to receive contributions, so I think it’s only right and fair that my most excellent and gracious contributors feel the same.

I really truly appreciate all the support my donors have shown me over the years—and in some cases decades—and hope they’ll continue again this year.  And for first timers seeing this, I hope you’ll join us.  The MS ride is a wonderful event fighting an awful affliction.

To those new to Ride MS, it’s a bicycle ride that takes a couple thousand bikers from Garmin headquarters in Olathe, KS and winds us around to Lawrence.  The 1st day is a century (hundred mile ride), the second can be as much as 85 miles (I think…) but I’m opting for the 37 mile option.  No need for heroics.

Thank you in advance!

Here’s a handy link:  https://secure.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=3913391&pg=personal&fr_id=30211

Old Friends, New Friends

I first met Josh and Joseph photographing their work at a previous employer’s, but they’ve since broken out to establish Hermanos Design.  Gorgeous work right out of the gates!

And, yes this is a break from my Tour de 2018–these are current projects…but I’ll get back to those…

Mildred’s Coffeehouse in the Crossroads:Mildred's
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Christ Community; Olathe

Also designed by SFS Architecture (see previous post…) is Christ Community Church in Olathe, KS.  This is a beautiful and spacious addition to the church at 20600 W 119th Street.

Christ Community Church
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